FRA Trust

The Right Company. Right Now.

Sometimes the best way to find your perfect career is to create it yourself.

FRA Trust offers you the chance to do just that – build a career in one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of the American economy.  It will be a career on your own terms – a career where you get to call the shots, where you can make a difference, and where you can enjoy the satisfaction of growing an organization from the roots up.


Are You Ready?

FRA is a Trust Representative Office (TRO) of First National Bank in Sioux Falls SD (FNBSD); a 135 year old Trust and Investment Company. This exclusive association allows our company to offer unique and diversified programs in areas that are available only to a select few.  Because of our well-honed marketing capabilities, no competitor comes close or can duplicate our program due to our special status as a TRO.

We are looking for the right people to represent us.  If you are a successful Life/Annuity agent looking to take your business to the next level, we welcome you to investigate this incredible opportunity.  Because of this exceptional situation, any application would have to meet the following criteria:

  • They must be proven in the field of Life Insurance and Annuity sales and have documented proof of such.
  • The individuals must pass a Criminal Background Check, Credit Check and Vector Check.
  • They are required to be exclusive agents and commit to conduction 30 (thirty) seminars, an average of three (3) per month for ten (10) months, or one (1) mailing per month.
  • Have the resources to fund the mailings, office expenses and seminar events.
  • In order to continue the association, each office is required to produce a minimum of $1 million per month in combination Life and Annuity production
  • Complete the required Estate Planning and Trust Advisory training.

In exchange for the above, they will be provided the following:

  1. Designation as a TRO and FNBSD through FRA Trust LLC
  2. The FRA Trust System which includes the following:
  • A proven seminar system.
  • Products from top companies.
  • An attorney to create and deliver the Comprehensive Estate Plan.
  • A proprietary synergistic compensation system allowing the agent to develop additional offices or hire additional agents should they choose.
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring from the home office.
  • A complete back office to follow up on submitted business and requirements.
  • Dedicated case designers for larger cases.