Why use the Estate Planning Team of FRA?

Good question. For one, we do this every day. Two, as estate planners we’re committed to excellence and the latest planning tools, so you won’t have to risk experimentation on your own. Three, as family leaders and members of any estate – with any level of assets – you need a top-notch professional team to stay on top of issues that either recur or appear over time.

For multiple generations of family members and for individuals as well, we incorporate everything from safe market ingredients to specialized trusts to long-range tax-reduction strategies for beneficiaries, to provide an estate plan that works in harmony with financial your goals.



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Top 7 Questions About Trusts

Estate planning can be a source of confusion for many which is why a lot of people procrastinate on taking care of this important part of life.  These 7 most-asked questions and answers will provide you with some insight to Living Trusts and help you in moving forward in protecting your estate.

7 Advantages of Living Trusts

Should you have a Will or a Living Trust?  We asked that question a lot so here are 7 advantages to having a Living Trust to protect your estate now and in the future.

Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

We live in a fast-paced world.  Things change quickly in many areas of life.  A proper estate plan requires you to take into consideration a variety of changes in your assets, your family and your health.  Your estate needs protection now while you’re living as when the time comes for your assets to be passed on to your heirs.  Please take the time to make sure you avoid making these mistakes.