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Our Founder, Joe RoosEvans

MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CLF®, Founder & Chief Leadership Officer

Joe RoosEvans is one of the top financial professionals in the country. He started in the financial services industry in 1982 and after several banner years he founded Financial Resources of America (FRA). Ranked among the Top Five Percent financial service agencies in the world today – a leading force in the industry since 1986 – FRA is one of a group of several successful companies founded by Joe RoosEvans – all of which continue to further his reputation for leadership and innovation nationwide..

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FRA Trust Advisors

Your Estate Planning Team

As estate planners we’re committed to excellence and the latest planning tools, so you won’t have to risk experimentation on your own. As family leaders and members of any estate – with any level of assets – you need a top-notch professional team to stay on top of issues that either recur or appear over time. For multiple generations of family members and individuals, we incorporate everything from safe market ingredients to specialized trusts to long-range tax-reduction strategies for beneficiaries, to provide an estate plan that works in harmony with financial your goals.

Joe is a leading estate planning and wealth management authority, with 8 published books.

Protect Wealth & Maximize Assets: Suddenly Single
Protect Wealth & Maximize Assets: Babyboomers
Protect Wealth & Maximize Assets: Physicians
Protect Wealth & Maximize Assets: Business Owners
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